le projet TchadEducationPlus

Chad has the highest ratio of students per textbook, according to UNESCO and the National Report on the Development of Education in Chad. Apart from the programs designed by the NCC, the National Curriculum Center, created in 2003, there are very few textbooks for teachers and pupils in secondary education.

On the basis of these findings, the TchadEducationPlus project aims to collect and digitize materials for general secondary education and distribute the materials free of charge in order to reduce the educational divide for approximately 800,000 teachers and students throughout the country of Chad.

This project is made possible through the Collège Saint François Xavier N'Djamena in partnership with Label 109.

What our grantee has to say:

“My name is Bouayom Anderson Djimadoum. I'm Chadian. I'm a geography teacher and have a master’s degree in urban sustainable planning. In addition to teaching, I’m also a hip hop artist, writer, and founder of Label 109 – a non-profit dedicated to education and sustainable curriculum development. As it is difficult to find support for projects in Chad, this Awesome Foundation Grant will allow me pilot this project and identify sustainable funding.”

What our trustees have to say:

“This submission starts with a small pilot program but has the potential to take off for several courses. I'm impressed by the efficient simplicity of the idea, and hope that it can become fully realized into a fully-functioning educational app which students all across Chad can use to further their academic studies. It's an efficient way to address problems with the materials at hand.”

“Innovative utilization of existing technology to expand resource access to extremely underserved community. Expands concepts of what a library can be and provide and helps support increased resource access to people who would otherwise have a difficult time obtaining access.”

Грант предоставил Libraries (July 2017)