Bear River Community RIde

We're a re-cycle bicycle shop operating out of the Oakdene Center in Bear River N.S. We refurbish old bicycles for sale and offer servicing and tune-ups, parts and accessories new and used.

We're interested in rescuing old bicycles and their bits from the land fill and empowering individuals to get back in the saddle as a way to make healthy lifestyle choices and as a way to be less dependent on fossil fuels. We're in our first year of operation.

We are going to start a community ride within the village to get the neighborhood rolling together.

The rides will happen on a monthly basis and travel through some of the simpler and less challenging loops within the village, perhaps climbing in difficulty level as the season progresses and as the group develops.

We will be printing t-shirts, and classic style merino wool jerseys for the participants and for sale in our bike shop before and after the rides. The jerseys will feature our shop logo and the name of the village.

The support of the awesome foundation means that we can offer the ride free of charge as a community event open to everyone.

Грант предоставил Annapolis, NS (June 2017)

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