Lending Library Proposal

I love reading and I got this idea when I was travelling in PEI last summer, I saw that they had small lending libraries where you could take a book to read and drop a book to share. I like this idea because I don't have a lot of options to share or exchange the books I own.

My idea is to set up a lending library in the Keppoch Lodge as a pilot project so I can share my reading passion and provide a community service. Who wouldn't love curling up in front of the fire and reading a book in front of the fire at Keppoch??

Target audience: Books of all ages, I have already gathered up some of my books I am willing to donate to start with. I can also volunteer to keep an eye on the books as I live close enough to check in and act as project steward. I can add and replace books as necessary. The project would be checked on every 3 months to make sure the lending library is working well and to gauge the success of the project.

Грант предоставил Antigonish, NS (September 2017)