The 1st One-Job Readiness Program for Teens

The 1st One: Workforce Development and Job Readiness Program for teens 15-19 years of age.

Purpose: Workforce Preparedness for first time jobbers. This program will help teens learn the skills and etiquette of obtaining and keeping their first job.

Target Goal: Enroll 10 teens in the program that are committed to 12-week program. The program will consist of 6 weeks of training, 1 week-financial literacy, 1-week refresher, and 4 work weeks. Parents and teens must complete application, sign consent forms, have own transportation, and commit to completing the entire program for 12 weeks.

Anticipated Outcomes: The outcomes of working with teens through this capacity are to gain focus on career goals, training, and development, life development, develop relationships, strengthen communication, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and teen building skill. The anticipated outcomes will help teens transition productively into society and become responsible adults. This program is set to produce hands-on experience and training for teens in 2017.

Our goal is to reduce the teen drop-out rate by implementing a job readiness program that will help teens focus on career goals early. As they develop career goals they will be more focused on completing the action steps to get them into a sustainable career. As they obtain knowledge-based training they will use this as the building blocks to obtain hands on training in Phase 2 of the program.

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