Women in Horror Month- D.C.


I was shocked, maybe even horrified to recently discover there was no D.C. event for Women in Horror month!

As of yesterday, I have secured a venue (Northeast Library, where I was a volunteer yoga instructor) and a locally-made, women-fronted horror film to screen. The event is February 28th.

To go alongside the screening, I am working to compile short horror stories written by D.C. area women to go into an anthology. I want to represent as broad of a base of women as possible. The anthology would be an eBook which would be for sale for $5 leading up to the event and during. The proceed will be donated to Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington--of which I am volunteer. Readings from this anthology will serve as the "opener" for the film.

For after the screening, I am working on a reception hosted at a local bar. There, patrons can enjoy discussion with the filmmakers, authors, and one another.

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