DRUM Out Bullying

DRUM Out Bullying is a comprehensive bullying prevention program that uses developmentally appropriate music-based interventions to address bullying behaviors and facilitate the development of healthy social-emotional skills among children in grades K-5. Faculty and students from FSU’s Music Therapy program will partner with the Magnolia School to offer the program to all elementary students (approximately 40) and provide training to teachers. Parents and other community members will also be provided with learning materials and encouraged to participate in a community music making experience that will highlight program concepts.

The program will be led by board-certified music therapists who will use music interventions like drumming and song writing to teach participants how to recognize and respond to bullying. Healthy interpersonal and conflict resolution skills will be taught, with “DRUM” used as an acronym for the concepts covered. Program staff will also model and reinforce these skills, and opportunities will be provided to practice the behaviors (Jones et al., 2013; Schroeder et al., 2012; Shafer & Silverman, 2013). A total of 7 sessions will be included, 3 each for students in grades K-2 and 3-5 plus a final community-wide session. The final session will highlight program concepts and promote generalization across the community by sharing the students’ musical experiences. Take home materials will be provided to the children, families, and teachers to promote ongoing use of the concepts learned.

To investigate program effectiveness, FSU students and faculty will collect data pre- and post- program using tools adapted from Haner and colleagues (2010). Students and teachers will also be asked program-specific questions. A 3-month follow up will be given approximately 12 weeks post program to determine if information was retained and/or if program concepts were used at school, home, or in the community following completion of the program.

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