HOLOMUA NA OHANA - Weinberg Village Waimanalo

Holomua Na Ohana is a non-profit organization that helps homeless families. We operate two clean and sober transitional housing programs. At Weinberg Village Waimanalo, we have 30 families in our two year program (currently there are 77 children here.) We have been open for 22 years and have helped over 500 families get on their feet and become self-sufficient and permanently housed.
Our shelter is funded through a grant from the State of Hawaii's Homeless Program Office. Our clients also pay program fees like a small rent each month. We also accept donations but don't usually get money which we desperately need to continue operating. Costs for utilities have skyrocketed in recent years and we are struggling to make ends meet.
One of the components of the program is that the adults attend classes on various topics from money management, budgeting, nutrition, health related topics, parenting, support groups, legal services and a variety of other topics. We have never had to pay for the classes as they are provided by other non-profit organizations who have grants to provide these services, until now. Each Head of Household is required to attend at least two case management meetings each month to create Social Service Plans which are goals to help them plan their futures and stay on track. All adults are required to work or go to school while here. We also have community activities and events for the residents. The goal is build self-esteem, secure a good job, become self-sufficient and move into permanent housing so ultimately, they never become homeless again.
Our families are in extreme poverty and can benefit from parenting and life skills classes. We want to partner with PARENTS, Inc who will teach these classes but they do not have the needed grant money to do it at this time. We humbly request this funding to pay for two series of classed provided by our partner agency.
The Village is an awesome place to start a new life!

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