Art Flags for Safe Crossings

Pedestrian flags boost safety and visibility for Madisonians young and old when crossing busy streets. Art Flags for Sage Crossings will create crossing flags that follow safety guidelines, but also increase visibility through novelty and creativity. Art flags will make it more fun and desirable to use a flag when crossing, while at the same time boosting driver awareness of pedestrians via eye-catching colors and design. Community Arts Specialist at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, educator, and screenprinter, Craig Grabhorn along with artist and founder of the For the One Who Finds Me project, Danika Brubaker, will lead community workshops to create art flags and distribute them at targeted high-traffic intersections throughout the city of Madison. Art flags and artists will be featured on social media to boost awareness of the project and pedestrian safety, and to build community.

Грант предоставил Madison, WI (February 2018)