Disability Allies blog series

I'm Bryce. I'm a Youth Services Librarian and the author of the blog Bryce Don't Play. Recently I wrote a post urging librarians to see themselves as disability allies (linked above), like they see themselves as allies of other marginalized groups. It garnered 3000 views in 1 day, far more in that amount of time than any post I'd ever written. It was clear there needs to be more discussion about this.

I enlisted the help of three other librarians with disabilities that I know online, and we decided to start a blog series about ableism and allies. First, we'll discuss our own internalized ableism and relationship to disabilities; then, we'll tackle ableist issues and how able-bodied librarians (and people everywhere, really) can help, as well as work better to become allies. We will be seeking guest posts to ensure we cover many different perspectives.

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