Cyber Seniors

For a quick overview of this project, please watch either of these youtube videos:

Here's how the program will work:
1. Recruit students from local high school with the lure of volunteer hours
2. Partner with Fair Winds Lodge to recruit seniors who would like to learn to use the internet and social media. (partnerships with Northern & Fair Winds already established)
3. Match students with the seniors and run a program once a week for 8 weeks at Fair Winds where students will teach and guide the seniors to use the internet.
4. Provide a front-end training session for the students providing learning materials, teaching methods, and tips.
5. The program will first teach internet connection (wifi), safety, and source credibility, and then move onto google searches, open an email account, Facebook and Instagram, Skype, and Youtube. I will create the curriculum and make learning guides for participant use.

That's the official curriculum. But the real glory is in the hidden curriculum. This is a win-win situation.
Benefits to Seniors:
• Ability to communicate with their family and friends, see pictures posted on Facebook
• Follow their interests on youtube or through google searches
• Learn things by self-research
• Create a bond with a teenager to learn more about that generation

Benefits to Students:
• Volunteer hours
• Valuable experience teaching, mentoring and working with seniors
• Learn valuable old-fashioned communication and soft skills
• Learn about a past generation

Time Frame
• Start recruiting participants in September during the second week of school.
• A police check is required so we want to get those started as soon as possible as there is usually a backlog in September
• Planning for program to start in October and run for 8 weeks

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