Ba'beez 'R US - Self Esteem Dolls for Girls

Ba'beez R' Us is an initiative that uses handmade art dolls to boost the self esteem of a diverse population of young girls who do not fit the idealogy of beauty, according to the status quo. We live in a society that overlooks the wide spectrum of beautiful. Often, it is young girls, who do not fit the mold of what is socially accepted, who are most affected. In addition to being under-recognized, they are teased and body shamed for their own unique form of pretty. Many times, the result is that they do not see themselves. The doll-making workshop reinforces positive self image in young girls of all orientation, race and ethnicity, who may have insecurities about their own physical appearance (e.g., having alopecia or short hair, freckles, buck-teeth, overweight, skinny, albino, over-development). The project goal is to provide a safe space for discourse that will change this narrative.

Грант предоставил Atlanta, GA (September 2016)