Cartoonopolis is a one-man show about my brother who has Autism and an American accent. I play 27 characters including, many well-known characters such as; Bane, Batman, Porky Pig and if you look closely enough you may even see a De'Niro... but mostly the ones of Jacks creation in his magical imaginary world. the play is about how Jack learns to deal with autism and how our family learns to live and thrive well.

I wrote this play for my mum, because I wanted her to know that, when the day does come that she won't be here anymore. Jack will be looked after and for her not be scared anymore. because i have got his back.

It had a sellout run at the Liverpool Playhouse studio in 2015

It was picked up by various, shows on the BBC, and even got a spot on the BBC Breakfast show.

here are some of the links to reviews that we received.

Liverpool Echo

The Skinny

It's vital to me to change the stigma of autism, to something positive. and i believe this show really packs that punch. now i want to take it around the country and create a community of positive people that understand autism in a different way.

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