Nightlife First Aid

My awesome project is a business, here's the story...

At 17, after volunteering as a St. John Ambulance cadet for 5 years and reaching high ranks and incredible achievements, every party I went to as a young man trying to enjoy himself I ended up helping an injured or overly intoxicated youth back to health or travelling with their family to a hospital. I was asked to work as a first aider at my own formal after party, this sparked my business idea. I began what is now 'Nightlife First Aid', a first aid service dedicated to all events but specialising around the party scene of Adelaide especially amongst today's youth and alcohol. A year and a half has passed, I am now 18 and am still successfully running the business.

After 6 months of operation we ran into some despicable, immature and poor behaviour from St. John Abulance but with passion and hard work we were able to get passed that obstacle and are proud of what we have become today!

Грант предоставил Adelaide (August 2016)