Cabin For Our Troops

My name is Beth Waters and I run a nonprofit that supports our troops. My husband deployed (for the first time) in 2010 for a year long deployment and I actively supported all of the men/women in his unit and the family members stateside. Once he returned I continued my efforts in support of our troops and although it took a couple of of 2012, we are now a nonprofit ....Operation Appreciation.

Over the past 5 years OpA have been approached many times by chaplains, units and military family support teams to host a veteran that is in need of a get-a-way during their reintegration. Often times a service member needs a longer transition between war, home and work. OpA has paid for a week here or a couple of days there many times in the North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina mountains as "nature" seems to offer the most amazing comfort and healing. We have come up with an idea that will allow OpA to own an asset for assisting our troops rather than renting and throwing money away each time a service member has a need.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I purchased a lot in the North Georgia Mountains (and donated it to OpA). We are currently working with a builder to build a log cabin that will serve as a permanent retreat for qualifying returning veterans in need of a small reprieve during their reintegration (we are personally paying for the mortgage). By Christmas 2016, this will be for the use of our veterans that need something extra in order to heal (upon vetting from their units)....our American Heroes! It is critical we find a way to support this ever growing need....and not fail our veterans that suffer from PTSD.

The name of the cabin is: Red, White & Bear and all of the decor will be rustic: Americana, mountain, bear themed. Red, White & Bear will be filled with donated items, hand crafted furniture and accessories and treasure everywhere the eye turns. For every donation given with love and in support of our troops,

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