Earth to Major Tom. (working title)

I want to work close to home, with the people who are neighbours, and those who live nearby. We all live in public housing so most of us are disadvantaged with resultant poor health and chronic conditions. I inspired myself by planting 1000 sunflowers in a plot of earth which my neighbour was responsible for. He let me till the earth (my brother has a tilling machine) and I grew a magnificent patch of flowers. Ive planted winter vegetables now and they all look great. I also developed my back yard into flower, vegetable and herb plots by using whatever was available, developing the soil, purchasing planting tubs and purchasing soil in tubs as I needed it. I added my own compost and mulch i found in the street near my sister's house.

I want to find ways to encourage and advise and support my neighbours to grow more plants especially ones which will produce food and sustenance. I have to find ways to do this which respect people's desire to privacy but encourage them to accept some help to get started.

I want to find ways to do this so that people can experience the simple joy of growing something to eat or something which flowers and brings bees to the garden. In our climate, succulents thrive so they are popular.

My community of neighbours do not have much money. I want them to find that they can grow food without too much difficulty. Once established, just add water and viola!!! Food joy.

Some research has said that soil, our very earth, contains natural antidepressants. Many of my neighbours suffer depression. I want them to get their hands into soil.

This project could have lasting value for people here. Everyone is fearful of the future and their ability to put food on the table in a bleak economy. I want them to be empowered to use what they have to create something real, organic and joyful.

Грант предоставил Adelaide (August 2016)