Doors Open Pittsburgh

Doors Open Pittsburgh is a free, 2-day event, giving you "behind-the-scenes" access to parts of the many iconic buildings of Pittsburgh, that are rarely, if ever opened to the public.
Doors Open Pittsburgh allows you to explore these buildings - theaters, private clubs, hotels, residential, adaptive reuse, government buildings, sacred places, artist spaces, heritage sites and cool office spaces -in a way that is not typically available to the public.

This may include standing on stage at Heinz Hall, having your picture taken at the Mayor's desk or discovering an underground bank vault!
No advance reservations, or tickets, are required. Simply go to our website, read each site description and decide on the sites you want to visit, map it out and go! You will be greeted at the entrance of each site and ether be given a guided tour, or be allowed to self-explore!

The event will take place October 102, Saturday-Sunday, 9a-4p.
While living in Chicago for the past several years, we went to the event there and enjoyed it so much so that as we were planning to move back to Pittsburgh, I started making plans to develop this event for Pittsburgh, launching in 2016.

Since that time, I have learned that many other US cities have this event: NY, Denver, Sand Diego, Milwaukee and Baltimore. I have leaned on many of them for guidance.
In the past 18 months, I have secured partnerships with the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, Architect Institute of America/Pgh Chapter and The Design Center. Because the event footprint in 2016 will be "downtown", I have also been able to earn the support of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and the Pittsburgh Community Development Corporation.
As for the organizations/buildings that have committed, that list includes the Mayor's Office, County Government Buildings, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, most downtown hotels, The Pennsylvanian, couple of architectural firms, several hotels, Dollar Bank...many others in progress!

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (April 2016)