In recent years, cycling has become one of the most common ways of transportation in the world. There are many problems and issues associated with bicycles and e-bikes preventing their further advance. First of all good bikes are expensive and maintenance of the many parts of a simple bicycle can be very problematic and disturbing. We want to make cycling experience more affordable, user-friendly and enjoyable. We tend to substitute all the mechanical parts with smart technology inside the hub of the wheel, permanently sealed and not requiring any intrusive maintenance by the owner. More specifically, we want to supplant the conventional bike drivetrain with innovative hybrid technology, which will not only allow the bike to perform in only-electric mode, but also provide paddling assist when needed. The technology will also provide significant performance boost allowing faster acceleration and top speed up to 80km/h. Help us develop and produce the technology to make cycling experience better for everyone. We already have all the CAD drawings, blueprints and computer algorithms and need a financial support to produce the first functional prototype.

Грант предоставил Yerevan (May 2016)