Coffee! Heating homes with the a beloved beverage

Roolllll upppp the rim to win a.... bag of coffee pellets?

GreenCity Initiatives is developing a process to harness the naturally occurring energy found in spent coffee grounds for use as an alternative, sustainable heating fuel for homes, greenhouses, schools, hospitals and commercial/industrial buildings.

Our propriety blend is unique in every characteristic compared to wood pellets; higher heating value, competitively priced, environmentally friendly (burns cleaner, less emissions) and smells great! (There is virtually no scent what so ever)

Presently, we are collecting spent coffee from 15 local Tim Hortons in Kingston, with the anticipated expansion of our collection radius to Belleville.

We are still at our bench scale for our testing, we just need to figure out one small detail - getting the moisture content at a level suitable for processing.

Грант предоставил Kingston (March 2016)