Sidewalk Kintsukuroi at MASS MoCA

My awesome project is a new artwork bringing some loving attention to cracks, margins, connections, and repairs! "Sidewalk Kintsukuroi" expands on the traditional Japanese art of Kintsukuroi (meaning “to repair with gold;” traditionally performed on ceramics) taking it, literally, out into the streets. At the heart of the idea of such “golden repair” is that something is made more beautiful for having been broken - a deeply poetic​​​ take on healing and celebrating the beauty in our flaws. My aim is to create something beautiful that connects with the nature of change in the natural and human-structured world, and also resonates with personal repair we all undertake on ourselves from time to time.

My first site-specific installation of Sidewalk Kintsukuroi will be created at MASS MoCA this spring as part of a new exhibition entitled "The Space Between" (See the exhibition page for more details:

I'll be "repairing" the cracks in the outdoor museum courtyard with various resins and gold pigments for the exhibition opening April 16, 2016.

Грант предоставил Awesome Without Borders (February 2016)