Crazy Giant EYEBALL bike lights

There's a big difference between being visible and being SEEN. So how can bike riders improve their chance of being seen? My solution is to hack basic human psychology.
Research shows that people behave more ethically under the watchful eye of … anything that looks like an eye (; And everybody notices eyeballs - the way you know when someone is staring at you even if they are way out in your peripheral vision. The best bike light to be SEEN is a pair of watchful glowing eyes! But you can’t buy crazy awesome lights like these, you have to make them.

Hold a Public-Make-Your-Own-Free-Giant-EYEBALLS-Bike-Light event. People will come and build their own lights for free. People can mix it up with fun colors (green/red/yellow eyes) and templates (cat/cartoon eyes); each hand-made light will be an expression of the builders creativity.

With about 24 square inches of illuminated glaring eyes, passing drivers will undoubtedly SEE people biking and under the watchful eye –> they may drive more nicely too. Our hope is that by peppering the community with these watchful icons, drivers will learn to be more attentive to ALL cyclists.

We are well connected within the Boston cycling community and will promote the event across all local cycling forums.

Грант предоставил Boston, MA (January 2016)