Hot Tub Time Machine

Last school year I challenged my Spec.Ed. students to help me come up with an idea for an accessible mini-golf course hole that would combine multiple sensory stimulation opportunities. We used a snow sculpture design I created for the U.S. National snow sculpting competition a few years ago with addition of animatronic legs, eyes, switch operated trunk blasts of water, sound fx, and bright pink faux fur. We received a grant for $5k from the Can Can Wonderland mini-golf course to build it. Half up front, and half upon completion. About halfway through the ordering of materials, the fire inspectors come through and relabeled the space we were going to building as a commercial use structure. The label change means that all of our materials are not required to be flame retardant and of a commercial spec. quality, which basically ate up our entire budget! I don't want to give up this project because my students are expecting to see/hear/and feel a pair of 16' animatronic Mastodons in a hot tub of tar!!! The Mini-Gold Course will be open to the public mid-April and is expected to see 100,000 Twin Cities patrons and out-of-towners a year. The course is located in the 400,000 Sq.Ft canning facility off Prior and University in Saint Paul. It is projected to be the Coney Island of the Twin Cities when it is done.

Грант предоставил Twin Cities, MN (March 2016)