LuminoKinetic Artist / Engineer

I have been experimenting lately with enabling viewers to see the normally unseeable, such as the path of a point upon a fast movingmulti-axis machine, the beautifully complex movements of fluids, or solid objects seemingly changing shape or passing through one another. I seek to the best of my abilities to refine my sculptures and execute them well in durable materials, and present them without disguise to the viewer.

Lying behind to the functional output of these projects is the physical object that makes it all happen... the "machine". It's design and construction of these consume the bulk of my energy.

An old aircraft designers maxim goes "if it looks right, it flies right", which nicely captures a fundamental and near- magical human power: creation. Creation is the ability to intuit what's overbuilt or underbuilt; it's seeing in the mind's
eye how stresses flow and how a little changes can improve functionality; it's pulling from memory separate things and envisioning them combining to make a new thing. Creation, being central to humanity and the key to human progress, deserves respect. Time, money and thinking are well spent on the creation process, and the payoff is rightness and beauty in the resulting artifacts.

Грант предоставил San Francisco, CA (December 2015)