The Commons presents "Black Friday"

The Commons is a San Jose based showcase series that features a wide range of eclectic performances, from ballet to trip hop to opera, set in a meticulously curated environment designed by some of the most skilled artists in the South bay. Since September of 2014, the Commons has staged eight large events (and numerous smaller shows) in Downtown San Jose with the aim of fostering new audiences for the arts and we plan on ending our 2015 season with a our second annual "Black Friday" performance showcase.

While we try to stage our events in easily accessible, public spaces the date of this show is really not conducive for an outdoor setup. The chances of rain and cold weather for November 27th are very high, so our production staff has decided to rent a venue to mount our Black Friday show. A big part of the Commons brand is how our events are always free and open to the public, which is why we are submitting this showcase event to the Awesome Foundation. The venue, called Sperry Station, is located at 30 North 3rd Street in Downtown San Jose and they have agreed to let us take over the space and design it as we see fit for our Black Friday event. In addition to creating an immersive environment for our performances, we have agreed to leave up the decor for the Small Business Saturday event that will be happening in the same space the following day.

Грант предоставил San Jose, CA (November 2015)