Food For All food truck is a Social Action Community established to connect people around making more good together.

We work with Partners: the brands, businesses and organizations that share our mission to do more good together. Our partners value the ideal of "Do Right. Make Good. Be Real." and aim to demonstrate, with action, their investment in community in ways that matter most to all of US.

How we Work: We focus on sustainable solutions for social good voted on by you, activated with brand partners and made possible by all of us.
Together we all share and discuss possibilities that advance the well-being of people, the planet and the pursuit of happiness.
The most favored are voted up. We all agree to share and discuss further with friends to make them even better
Your MadePossible team curates the top ideas into project concepts and aligns with best suited brand partners
We build the possible concepts into tangible projects and make create real outcomes ALL together

Our launch project is the Food For All food truck in partnership with area businesses to benefit the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Грант предоставил Oklahoma City, OK (November 2015)