Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS), is an organization based in Lusaka, Zambia.
It was set up in 1990 to produce mobility aids with recycled paper and cardboard to assist physically challenged children while empowering physically challenged adults.

The objectives of the organization are :

1) To produce mobility aids using paper technology for physically challenged children (e.g those with cerebral palsy or birth injuries). The mobility aids include: standing frames, chairs, wedges and walkers

2) To offer economic and personal empowerment to the members of the team, who are physically challenged, through regular paid employment.

On average, APTERS produces over 380 mobility aids a year, using APT techniques, for children with polio and/or any other form of physical challenge. The equipment made by APTERS provides children who are physically challenged with low-cost intervention tools that are instrumental in their treatment and rehabilitation.

The workshop also makes various papier mâché products such as dustbins, file boxes, toys and trays which are available for sale to the public as a means to raise extra funds for the organisation.

APTERS has also recently started to produce home and school furniture in recycled cardboard, such as kids tables and chairs, coffee tables, living-room sets.

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