November’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to the glee club at the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD), to support expanded activities.

Members of the glee club — the “GLEEKs” — number around 20 and meet twice a month for an evening of song. Until this month they had only performed at BBQs and picnics, but on November 1 they brought their voices to the OCAPDD 60th anniversary gala, and this Friday, November 25 they will perform in front of 450 people at the organization's Christmas party.

"The ability to sing with pride and confidence is one that every one of us has, and deserves to share with the community," says OCAPDD staff member Lesley Ahee. The glee club hopes to one day have a concert to share their hard work and talents with the community, and the award from Awesome Ottawa will support equipment and t-shirts that will get them closer to this goal.

"Hanging with the GLEEKs makes any bad day disappear," says Lesley. “What’s truly inspiring,” says fellow staff member Hope Lalonde, “is seeing our glee club members come in after having a hard day and leave with a smile.”

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