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Immigrant Services Kingston and Area, in partnership with the Tett Centre, will be hosting a filmmaking summer camp for a group of 10 newcomer youth. Each youth will create a 3-minute video where they will talk about their immigration and life stories. Thanks to the Tett Centre's connections with different artists, youth will be empowered and assisted in creating their stories, they will learn about photography and filmmaking and will be responsible for editing their own video. The videos will be screened at an event at Tett Centre, which will be opened to different members of the community.

This is a Digital Storytelling project that aims to educate the Kingston population on the struggles and successes newcomer youth have when immigrating to a new country. The project will also be a tool of expression, since immigrant and refugee youth will have the opportunity to express what is deep inside of them by creating their stories. Therefore, it is also a healing tool.

Our goal is to help build a more welcoming and inclusive community. The videos will show the stories of people coming from different backgrounds and faiths, people with different skills and qualifications that could help build a better society, immigrants with different life stories we can learn from.

We hope that the stories will be a way for the Kingston community to better understand the immigrant population.

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