The Pearl Club University

Were you aware that only 17 percent of this year’s cohort of 39 students feel prepared to attend and succeed in college? Although the facts are startling, they demonstrate the need for skill-building, information and experiences to prepare them to succeed. Our programming, which focuses on developing an understanding of being college-ready and strengthening their ability to give presentations, manage their time and network to build relationships for their future gives students a chance to achieve success in their lives. At our core, we are a sisterhood based on college success.

Through our programming, we strive to help young women develop character, become college-ready and enroll and graduate from a post-secondary institution. Our mission as a future focus: to help young women from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome poverty and contribute to society.

To foster their awesomeness, we want young women to answer YES to the following:
Do you feel prepared to attend and succeed in college?
Do you know how to network and build relationships for your future?
Do you know how to effectively manage your time?
Do you know what it takes to succeed and graduate from college?

Our program is awesome because it not only teaches young women valuable skills, we allow them to apply the skills to their lives during an authentic experience on a college campus. How can we expect awesome students to be successful in an environment they were not prepared for? With 77% of our young women being first generation college-goers, our programming aids in solving the problem of minority young women lacking skills and preparation to overcome the challenges on a college campus and graduate from a postsecondary institution, making Pittsburgh a more awesome place to build a future.

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (June 2015)