The Fountain of Memory

The Fountain of Memory is a 360-degree installation featuring pulsing color and water for the Interdimensional Town Square.

The semi-translucent acrylic and plastic base animates artistically with colorful 3D-mapped LED pixels. The elevated central pool holds dynamic fountainheads, blasting glowing water upwards. Microphones hidden in nearby viewing benches capture conversation, wobble-loop-and-remix, and amplify the back through a sound system hidden in the structure.

Utilizing AudioPixel’s custom software, the lighting and fountains will pulse directionally -- light patterns ripple across the sections of the installation, merge, and accelerate. The Fountain of Memory is built on top of a (hidden) trailer, and will be able to be set up almost anywhere. The overall installation, when peaking with interactivity, will be approximately 15’ x 15’ with the water reaching over 15’ from the ground.

The Fountain's voice is a custom-built Reaktor machine that will provide the environment with a wildly surreal echo. When viewers take a seat on the nearby benches, conversation is recorded, looped, warped, bounced, and amplified through the structure. The incomplete audio deja vu is mind-bending, and the participants won’t be entirely sure if they are hearing echoes of themselves or not. Their conversation also triggers animated effects to trickle up their side of The Fountain, as patterns and colors are traded around the base.

We are also currently accepting audio donations from musicians and other audio artists, and have a file donation form available here:
We are adding the donated samples and songs into The Fountain's dynamic audio library, to be warped and played randomly alongside the live audio through The Fountain's hidden speakers.

The Fountain of Memory will be having its official launch in June!

Celebrating light, water, audio, and reactivity - this AudioPixel installation is unlike any fountain you’ve ever seen!

Грант предоставил Boulder, CO (May 2015)