Antigonish Community Video

I would like to produce a couple of Aerial videos of Antigonish County. The Scope of this video will encompass all of Antigonish County from Aulds cove to Arisaig, highlighting areas such as beaches, wharfs, hiking trails, the Keppoch, the town of Antigonish, St. Andrews, St.F.X. University and other places people can recommend I feature via a Facebook site. By the end of the summer 2015 I will have enough footage to produce the first video and over the Fall and Winter months I will continue to gather footage so that I can make a Winter video first and then a Full year video showcasing the Beauty of Antigonish in every season. i will then make this video available for use on Antigonish Town and County Websites and Social Media with Shared Rights. The videos will be between 2-3 minutes long and I plan on using music from local artists in the background. Other companies in Nova Scotia Would charge $3000 - $5000 to produce just one video so there is a lot of value in producing something like this for the Town and County.

Грант предоставил Antigonish, NS (April 2015)