Before I die wall

The project involves creating a large chalkboard for people to share what they want to achieve before they die. The Before I Die wall is now a global phenomenum. It would good to put Northland on the map – and in time report back as to what difference it has made to our community. Full details can be seen on the website. The project fits with my purpose in life. I believe it would be an invaluable resource to the area – inspiring our youth to value their lives and achieve their dreams. We have an unprecedented level of suicide in the area. I believe the wall would go a long way to help our youth to value their lives; providing a simple thought provoking outlet for them to express themselves. It would be the talking point of the town.

I think the Town Basin would be a great site as youth involved with the Council have said they’d like the area developed. I think it would be innovative to create a portable ‘wavy’ shaped wall that could be transported to different places around Whangarei, so every community within the district gets a chance to share their hearts desire.

Грант предоставил Whangarei (October 2014)