The Incredibly Short Film Festival

What would you do if you saw a little pig driving an ice cream truck down Foster Boulevard? Or a psychedelic Sasquatch skating through your favorite burger place? It would be incredible- even more incredible if these scenes were paired with music, food, and neighborhood pride.

This is what the Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF) does. For one night, projectors are set up through a neighborhood in unexpected places. They’re showing GIF animations from artists around the world or around the block. Originally started in Sydney, Australia, the festival has also appeared in Croatia. This summer we want to bring it to Foster Boulevard.

The ISFF re-imagines what the .GIF file format is capable of. Most people have seen silly looping clips floating around the internet. But what happens when you bring them offline? The GIF becomes a showcase for emerging animators. It adds fun and color to city streets. Maybe it just makes someone laugh pretty hard. We’re confident these are worthy goals for an Awesome Portland project.

This event will be free and 100% volunteer run. We've already reached out to local animators who are stoked about this totally unique venue for showcasing their work. We’re working with the business community to find sites and host mini-parties. The event is going to reach a lot of people; both those who make it a destination and those who are just passing by.

Even though it will be a one-night event, there is a lot that will stick around. The community that comes together to pull something like the ISFF off creates new collaborations. The stoke and good vibes from unexpected art in public space can not be discounted. Finally, the attention on a street that hasn't been known for art will last beyond the event.

In the end, we hope to surprise people, take the internet offline, create wild video graffiti (with permission from owners!), and bring an incredible idea from abroad back to our hometown.

Грант предоставил Portland, OR (April 2015)