76<100 is a mobile pop-up shop created to raise awareness of gender wage inequality. Its pilot initiative will take place at 4901 Penn Ave. in Garfield from Apr. 1-30, 2015.

Open daily, 76<100 will offer work by women artists/makers based in the US, including handmade objects (ceramics, textiles, etc), art and photography prints, publications, stationery, and packaged food. Items will be carefully curated, with an eye toward representing artists from diverse backgrounds and locations (including regional artists).

Pricing of this work will reflect the current wage gap in PA, where women earn just 76% of what men earn—male shoppers will be charged 100% of the retail price of any item, while women will be charged 76% of this price.

Recognizing that this is a complex issue, we will provide a free poster to shop visitors that elaborates on wage inequality and its causes, provides a brief history of feminism in Pittsburgh, and offers resources for those interested in advocating for women’s wage equality in their government or workplace.

Beyond simply raising awareness of the wage gap, we hope to serve as a hub for local women and girls, and will partner with community groups to organize programming that fosters community dialogue, provides practical advice related to this issue, and empowers women to recognize their full value and potential. Sample events include:
-Salary negotiation, affordable childcare, and resume writing workshops
-Talks by participating artists
-Office hours with consultants for current/hopeful small business owners
-Meetups/workshops for women and girl developers
-Wikipedia “Edit-a-thon” to add women artists to the encyclopedia
-Presentations and meetups with notable women’s groups in Pittsburgh

In the spirit of promoting professional women, all work to ready 76<100 will be done by women, from building retail displays and developing a website down to the design of the type used in shop branding and promotional materials.

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