St. Louis-- journey to greatness

Our project is for the students of the Northwest Classen Orchestra. Our students are trying to get money for room, board, and miscellaneous activity in St. Louis. By making this trip happen, our orchestra students will be able to compete in a nationally ajudicated festival contest, see the St. Louis symphony perform as well as sight see. Because we are in a high poverty area, Many students will never get to travel otherwise. The students will spend months in preparation of their performance and this opportunity will allow them to grow as musicians as well as be a representative of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Public Schools. This trip will provide much opportunity for the musicians to achieve a higher level of music as well as rise towards leadership abilities in the ensemble. The students have spent time competing here in the local area, it is now time to take their talents to bigger horizons.

Грант предоставил Oklahoma City, OK (March 2015)