Caprice Connects With...Detroit!

Caprice Connects With… film is a documentary about community, collaboration and connectivity. The goal of the documentary is showcase the power of collective work of community organizers, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers creating transformation through building community, thus assisting with city revitalization

Caprice Connects With… takes a closer look at the revitalization of neighborhoods that have narratives of “broken” communities within Detroit and 10 additional cities; Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, and Oakland. Understanding that broken narratives do not reflect the heartbeat of these cities; We plan use our film to showcase the resilience, creativity and uplifting stories of hope and courage often overlooked by other media.

Recently I interviewed Audra Carson of De-tread, a company who works in communities in Detroit to remove illegally dumped tires. De-tread's goal is to remove tires for neighborhoods, provide eco friendly solutions for recycling tires and employ residents within the sites of illegal dumping to engage them in green technology . Audra Carson collaborated with Ben Falker of Repair the World for their 2nd clean up day at the B'nai David Cemetery on the east side of Detroit in the beginning of November. We removed over 400 tires from the cemetery and filled two dumpsters of trash & debris. I was utterly amazed how small of a crew we had to clear the 2 city block site.

Detroiters are displaying how different communities across the city are creating avenues of opportunity by using modest means. Showcase these narratives has the power to motivate other communities to pursue creative avenues in serving their own community members’ needs through collaborating across the nation.

Грант предоставил Detroit, MI (January 2015)