The New Minas Code Club has been coding games for two years. Our Coding Club would like to invite the wider community and local area to a Gaming Challenge Conference called "GAME ON". The day (or depending on the interest - maybe 2 days) would consist of :

1) Showcases of games made by the youths themselves based on level of competency (Beginners / Intermediate / Pro)
2) Guest Speakers in the Field (Pro Game Makers / Players)
3) Food, Game, Gear and Gaming Hardware Vendor Trade Show or Kiosks
4) New Gear and User Interface for Gaming Demonstrations
5) New Game Demonstrations
6) Game Making Competition (in under 1 hour)
7) Game Playing Competition (short retro games eg. PacMan / Tetris) and (1 hr League of Legends or Mario Bros)
8) Costume Judging

We are hoping to involve local vendors of video games and specialty game hardware gear and UI. Local Gamers, and maybe even not so local gamers, could be invited. We would ask people to bring their own laptops.

We hope we can share some AWESOME videos of our games with you.

Грант предоставил Annapolis Valley, NS (November 2014)