Artists for Autism Mural project

Why is creating or connecting art and autism so important?
The children have a difficult time expressing what's happening inside of them as a result causes them to become frustrated, throwing their hands, screaming, or hitting. At times, the response from others is confusion and misunderstanding, as to why the child is behaving this way, often causing others to feel as if the child is misbehaving. But through art, the children have an opportunity, a chance to use art as an outlet for proper expression of their feelings.
1. Its a form of therapy, it can provide healing. Art can also play a huge role in the development of language, expression, confidence, motor planning, and fine motor skills.
2.Expression of imagination. For children who have difficulty learning, art can open up a new way to access the curriculum. The creative process can trigger a sense of achievement and an increase in self-esteem. For children with autism or other learning disabilities, art can provide a nonverbal outlet for feelings and emotions.
The idea is hand painted murals. They are safer and could last more than pictures. The images and colors can be selected together with the children, designing the mural with their favorite theme. Allow hands-on interaction with the staff and children to take part in the process of each mural.

Allow us to make something special for these children to enjoy every day they go to school. These children come from low income living situations and their families can't always afford education luxuries, such as private schools, expensive learning tools, and tutors, each of these elements help them gain Independence and growth. Something simple as a mural will increase the visual sensory and allow them to feel at home and instead of an institute, let us relieve some of the tensions theses children are dealing with inside.

"Lets make the outside beautiful and comfortable, so they can work on the inside" - Ashlie Lawson

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