Lincoln Road Looks

Just like my neighborhood, this project is awesome! Lincoln Road Looks is a neighborhood photo project documenting the lives of the community that lives on Lincoln Road. My aim has been telling our stories of interconnectedness and community through photography. This photography project has been a collaborative effort since it started a year ago. My neighbors know me as the 'camera girl'. I was immediately at ease when I moved to the area. In a bustling city, Lincoln Road feels familiar and friendly. Everyone smiles and greets each other. When there are barbecues everyone is invited to partake and have a good time. I learned that there were generations of families living in our neighborhood. A couple of my neighbors even grew up in the same apartment where I now reside and showed me old pictures of them as children playing checkers on the same stoop. Often I would take walks with my camera and chat with neighbors outside. Soon, they began asking me to take their pictures and even offered to pay for prints. I declined payment, but promised each person that i would print the pictures. After a couple of months, the idea came to have a community art show featuring all of my neighbors. They have been encouraging me to continue documenting their lives in a place that is slowly changing. For me, the most important part of the project is to provide everyone a print of the portraits taken. For this project, as a photographer, it's important to make this a mutually collaborative project. One way of doing that is providing them with the prints. The community is small, but unfortunately we don't have the money to finance the prints. I will use my apartment for the art show, but the prints will cost money.

Грант предоставил Washington, DC (December 2014)