Trams + Music = Tram Sessions

With more and more live music venues closing down in Melbourne, we thought we had to do something about it. And so we did. We actually took the whole venue problem out of the equation. Tram Sessions is a not-for-profit project with the sole purpose of putting bands on Melbourne trams for peoples commuting pleasure. If you're lucky enough, a zone-1 ticket could get you front seats to the likes of Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, Lisa Mitchell, Fourth Floor Collapse or Loren. And if you missed it, our website will fill you in.

So there you have it, our project in a nutshell. We play music on trams. Simple, fun and great for our environment. And really, don’t we all want hear live music when transporting ourselves?

Me who writing this application is Nick Wallberg. Hello. I co-founded Tram Sessions with Carl Malmsten in early 2010 with the aim of creating something awesome as well as doing something I love, listen to music.

Since the start, we’ve been growing steadily. We now have the approval by Yarra Trams to film on the Melbourne trams (oh boy was this a challenge!). We’ve also started a partnership with Channel 31 to use our sessions as fillers in between their shows. Exciting!

We’re now going in to a new phase where we need some funding to spread our presence among potential Tram Sessions fans. For this we need to print a whole heap of different promotional items. So far we’ve printed flyers and Business cards, but they’re all out as people love them (did I tell you we have an awesome Art Director helping us?)

The items we’re looking at printing is updated flyers and new Business cards, but we also need to print t-shirts for the filming crew, coasters for promotion and outdoor posters. As you can see it all adds up, and as we don’t make money... yet, we need support in this early stage.

We have a steady plan for what we want to achieve in the future and have already good connections with event companies, beer companies and others to create a organisation that will stay alive for a long time in Melbourne.

Please have a look at our website ( to see what we’re all about. I’m confident you’ll have trouble not to smile while watching the film clips. It’s simply pure joy.

Thanks for creating the opportunity for people like me to continue our struggle to find pure awesomeness.

Happy Commuting!


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