Knoxville Creative Reuse

Knoxville Creative Reuse aims to inspire environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.

Creative reuse centers (also known as scrap stores or teacher resource centers) are organizations that specialize in collecting and distributing unwanted industrial and residential materials for the purposes of either turning reusable materials into creative projects, or providing needed supplies to arts organizations and public schools.

Recent research performed by the Reuse Alliance found over 40 creative reuse centers in the US. Many are open to the public, but others are restricted to educators and/or arts organizations. Beyond being a source of materials, many Creative Reuse Centers also offer art gallery spaces, kids’ parties, corporate workshops, and other programs where community members can learn more about creative reuse. There are currently ZERO operating creative reuse centers in east Tennessee! I want others to join in the movement to launch the Knoxville Creative Reuse Center by October, 2016. Why this date? I will be turning 30, this is my dream and by that time should be able to get the funding and community backing needed for such an endeavor.

Please visit SCRAP, Portland's website for more information. They are a wonderful example of a Creative Reuse Center.

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