Teledoctor mHealth App

Teledoctor is a start up that is using technology to make healthcare services accessible to many Zambians. Zambia currently has a doctor/population ratio of 1: 17,589 and Nurse/population ratio of 1: 1,864-and over 60% of Zambians have to travel over 5km to access health services. We believed by using technology we make healthcare available to over 8million Zambians who have access to a mobile phone.
The ubiquity of the mobile phone makes it a valuable tool for health service delivery. We have developed an application that allows users to chat directly with qualified doctor, access a health directory of health services in Zambia and is able to direct them to the clinic nearest to them using GPS. The application is currently available on android phones and we plan to launch on blackberry, windows and iOS. In addition we intend on integrating the service to SMS and USSD type applications so as to allow all mobile phone users to access this service.

Грант предоставил Lusaka (July 2014)