The Ramble League

The Ramble League is a project in which I will use the intimate, co-working experience of a tandem bicycle ride as a jumping off point for conversations with local artists—spanning their stories, their work and concepts, our immediate landscape, and the city space we share.

After selecting each participating artist, I will invite them to lead the ride or will plan a route based on places that may resonate with their work—whether through personal, historical, or conceptual significance. The rides and conversations will be casual and intentional. Taking place atop a tandem bicycle, these sessions will tap into my ongoing interest in site-specificity and the spaces that we build through our interpersonal interactions. The Ramble League will, however, bring these concepts into direct social engagement with Pittsburgh’s local artists. Through the rides, I will instigate connection and exchange.

I will document each session with audio and video recordings, publishing a blog to chronicle the ongoing project. I will generate short videos edited from the rides with a longer, written summary and response. The final documentation is currently open-ended but will reflect the project's exploration of personal landscape, meaningful exchange, and artist as participant. I am interested in asking Bike PGH or local bike shops to curate rides, as well as potentially bringing the project to gallery crawls or other outdoor events. Over time, the accumulation of this documentation will form an evolving portrait of Pittsburgh’s artist community.

With this open format and irregular context, we will invite chance encounters and unplanned interactions. Tandem biking demands communication, trust, and a surrendering of control—as do great conversations. It will be humble and candid, equalizing and intimate.

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (August 2014)