Kind Refrigerator for Leftovers

We are going to buy a big refrigerator with 2-3 years warranty service and install it in one of the Yerevan's popular places. I negotiated with AEON anti-cafe. So, the refrigerator will be placed there for collecting leftovers from big restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, supermarkets and individuals for later delivery to the needy families (we have a friend who visits them periodically). Besides that from time to time we will invite Sonia Tashchyan, the popular master of traditional Armenian and Lebanese cuisine, and Sargis Mkrtchyan (Քարից Փափուկ) and organize open-air hospitality to promote the idea of using the food we buy more effectively.
The logos of the supporting restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and pubs will be placed on the refrigerator and we will promote them also via Facebook page of the Refrigerator. By doing this we will reduce the amount of quite normal food that is usually being recycled, we will create a new food culture in Yerevan and help people in need.

Грант предоставил Yerevan (June 2014)