Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids

I am the founder and artistic director of Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids (DHF4K). My foundation uses dance as an outlet for children 4-15 years of age who is dealing with stress at home. My mission is to educate, mentor and empower children while using dance as a tool and an outlet for them. Our foundation targets those children in low to mid level income brackets. Our organization's mission is to provide them with the tools needed to help them overcome issues while providing them with a positive outlet while educating them on how to turn stress, depression, and negative energy into positive energy. We children feel they do not have a voice or cannot find their voice, we allow them to find their voice through dance. The children we are currently working with were all very shy and timid. Some of them had been bullied at school, had low self-esteem, or felt they had no voice. Our students are now smiling, and building strong friendships and falling in love with dance and the freedom it gives them.

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