Connect the T-Dots

My name is Stephanie Avery and I'm a totally rad Toronto artist. I work in several different mediums but, above all else, I love creating interactive art. Thus, I am proposing to create a series of interactive photographs called 'Connect the T-Dots'. For this project I am going to paint giant dots and numbers on specific rooftops in Toronto neighbourhoods that, from overhead, will create enormous games of connect the dots. Afterward I will hire an aerial photographer to photograph these neighbourhoods. I will print a limited edition series of the photographs and, eventually, a 'Connect the T-Dots' book.

Probably the most challenging aspect of this series will be getting permission to paint on people's rooftops. That being said, you'd be amazed at what you can get if you simply ask nicely for it. It's worked for me with past artistic endeavors, for example, the hundreds of extracted human teeth I collected from dentists for my 'Pearly Whites' installation. Really, anything is possible so long as you aren't afraid to go for it. Once I have permission all I have to do is wait for the snow to melt and the rest will fall into place.

Through the Awesome Foundation I hope to create the first image in my 'Connect the T-Dots' series, a prototype piece, that I can use to apply for further funding from other organizations.

Грант предоставил Toronto (February 2011)