Reclaim Electronics

My project has a very simple aim, but the back story to it is rather complex, so I guess the appropriate place to start would be the logical beginning. I bought a Model B Raspberry Pi. I was ecstatic seeing it coming through mailbox, tearing off the packaging, and before you could say 3.14159 it was already plugged in and booting. But I was left in quite an awkward position when I found myself with nothing to do with it. But, after joining the Studio, that changed instantly. I suddenly had immediate access to everything I could ever dream of tech wise, one thing to note in particular, a 3D Printer.
I then, somehow through a flash of micro-brilliance came to the conclusion that it was my life goal to create a Portable Handheld game console using the Raspberry Pi, a 3D printer, and my own, faulty electronic skills. Through forums and tutorials online, this knowledge grew so grand that I now had a firm idea of how I was going to do things, what I needed, how to get it, and how to assemble it. With the support of like-minded individuals, I planned out in just days how I was going to build my project.
But then, another almost blinding light of microbrilliance shot into my head, rewiring my neurones to form a new goal. Allowing anyone, anywhere to do the same thing that I have done, from the comfort of their armchair. Why not, with almost infinite resources in the palm of my hand, allow anyone to come to me with an idea, and how it can be done, I see how feasible it is, and create their bespoke order, working with them through social networking.
This would allow anybody anywhere with no experience on anything to come to me with the same microbrilliance I had, and have their dream put into motion, for barely any cost, if any at all. For any kids, who want to join the tech community, like I did, but have no equipment, can simply contact my group, and have their dream materialise, with them leading the process. The ideas trapped in the minds of people can be astounding.

Грант предоставил Liverpool (February 2014)