The Drop Project

The Drop Project is an interactive exhibit that will embody sustainability and cutting edge science communication. This graduate student-led project will involve a month-long series of exhibits and activities held at Assemble, “a community space for arts + technology”.

Our vision is to grow and diversify the ‘watershed movement’ by increasing awareness of the human-water relationship as well as promoting lifestyle choices that support a cleaner watershed.

The Drop Project will include pieces that allow the participants to have a sensory experience that draws them into a stream ecosystem. Visitors will bump their way through stream rocks made from used fabrics. Macroinvertebrates, aquatic organisms underfoot but overlooked, are the most commonly used tool for assessing stream health. The exhibit will highlight their role in stream ecosystems and bioassessment. Participants will also learn about the visible and invisible pollution that stress our waterways. From plastic to pharmaceuticals, visitors will engage in creative, unconventional approaches to understand the problems, but also the personal practices, the “little drops” that can truly make a difference.

One measurable objective for The Drop Project is to create community and connect stakeholders. Water is a valuable and contentious resource in the Pittsburgh region, and around the world. It will take many stakeholders coming together to creatively manage the draws we ask of our water resources. The Drop Project will facilitate connecting communities with action organizations, government agencies with non-profits, artists with scientists, and fly fisher people with resource managers. Through these social networking events, connections will be made that will catalyze sustainable resource use in the region.

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (November 2013)