The Dobby Project

A few months ago on a Sunday afternoon I was folding laundry and listening to CBC radio. There was a program on talking about how foot problems are the number one health concern for homeless people. Most of the issues are caused by not having access to clean, dry socks. Socks are considered a consumable at shelters and they are constantly in need of them. Looking at the mountain of socks in front of me I said to myself - I can help! I called some local shelters and asked if they need socks on a regular basis - they all responded with a resounding YES! I would like to set up a few sock donation bins around the city. Shelters will take turns collecting the donated socks on a monthly or as needed (full bins) basis. The bins will also have some facts and figures about homelessness in Kingston and the urgent and ongoing need for socks to help maintain the health of homeless people in our city. I am hoping The Dobby Project will keep our shelters supplied with socks for many years to come. I have called it the Dobby Project after a character in the Harry Potter series who loves socks.

Грант предоставил Kingston (October 2013)