Banditos Misteriosos: Giant Puzzle

Boston is a playground. Banditos Misteriosos is the city's mysterious playmate. We are an organization dedicated to bringing Boston alive with a slew of activities that are free, open to everybody and most importantly, just a little bit out of the ordinary. In the past some of the awesome projects we’ve done have included: a watergun battle, a pillow fight, a Choose Your Own Adventure hunt through the city.

We’d like your help in bringing to life our next awesome event: a Giant Puzzle. This giant jigsaw puzzle will be completed by participants in one afternoon. Participants will come to the Banditos location to receive a set of random jigsaw pieces. They will then have to work together to color in the puzzle pieces according to a ‘Paint by Numbers’ scheme. The final step will be to determine the pieces’ location. This will require quiet a bit of interaction with fellow puzzlers as well as passer-bys (who will no doubt want to offer advice while observing from the side). We would like the image of the puzzle to be a detailed map of Boston, which not only goes along with our mission to ‘keep Boston fun’ but also will act as an education tool to teach Bostonians about the geography of their (our) city!

Грант предоставил Boston, MA (January 2011)