People's Kitchen

People’s kitchen (PK) is a community kitchen that uses left over/surplus food to create meals for the community; open to everyone, it aims to create a welcoming environment while helping the environment.  The kitchen relies on volunteers & donated food.  Inspired by the Berlin ‘Volkskuche’, a solidarity idea of people being able to eat for a reasonable price & linked with other food waste projects (Food Cycle, This Is Rubbish, Taste of Freedom, Rhythms of Life & FareShare), the PK is achieving this & is already proving a success!
Like many of the best ideas, the concept is very simple and deals with important issues that pervade national consciousness at the moment: waste, community & food.  We are becoming a nation of ‘foodies’ with food mentioned everywhere in papers, on tv & in conversation. However, many people still cannot cook, and many still eat badly. The PK allows people to get involved with cooking in an unstressful environment & allows them to eat a jolly good plate of tasty, healthy food for a donation they feel appropriate.
Currently based in east London, the PK has been running since September 2010 with the intention preventing food waste while bringing the community together for social good. It has also been known to completely cure hangovers & to provide openings for love & romance.The question that we often hear after a successful event is “why isn't there a PK in every community?"

Грант предоставил London (January 2011)